Fear its gripping, Sadness is hell, and hell is fear. Therefore sadness is gripping

2 09 2006

Its like the title to an Emo song, you know how they have those super long titles that make no sense. However mine does because it is in fact a piece of mathematical logic. I’ve just added a tag to this post, “How lonely are you”. Although i’ve stated this before, I’m quite lonely, and not matter where I look, no one really wants to be with me. I found one friend I know is going to be awesome, and I have my room mate, but what about those of the fairer sex. Those of such etherealic beauty and magnificent personalities. Am I that bad of a man, as to not gain anyone. It seems to me that so many others can just get a girl and at least have them say “hi” to them. Today I said “hi” to someone I stood in line for 2 hours with and took a picture and she didn’t even acknowledge me.

Maybe no one wishes to be with me. My friends are gone ( or wish to leave), my family couldn’t be any farther away from me in the non-literal sense, and I can’t get anyone to fill those shoes.

Forever lonely
Forever Fearful
Forever Gripped




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