How I finally got over my Ex-Girlfriend

27 11 2008

What the fuck were people thinking when someone greenlight Max Payne? Or rather, lets talk about who decided to cancel certain shows, like Arrested Development or Firefly.  And don’t let me get started on VH1 otherwise known as the channel with more love shows involving the most irrelevant celebrities ever.  This is a fucking atrocity, a god damn viral infection. How many “reality” television shows do we need, how many terrible takes on video games do we need, how many times will a great television show get canceled.

I’d like the record to show that this isn’t just isolated incidents, its not only dedicated to Fox (who did cancel the previously mentioned shows Arrested Development and Firefly), but NBC as well. They canceled Journey Man, an interesting take on the past experiences/time travel scenario, with not only great writing but good acting as well. Arrested Development won how many Emmy’s, but was canceled because it was never marketed, now finally realizing the error of there ways Fox is making a movie. Thanks, but its honestly a little to late. Its more or less a lot like Firefly, yeah the movie was great and all, but we really would’ve liked you to just keep the show going, because you plainly realized after you fucked up that you fucked up

As for the movie industry, why do you keep paying people to make movies with scripts that clearly don’t make sense. Like fucking Max Payne or Stepford Wives. We don’t want movies that don’t make sense. Oh and stop ruining video games. Really we don’t need to make a movie about a game that doesn’t have a story period, like Doom. The fact that you made a movie about a game that involves a marine and some zombies with barely even a pretense of a story is sad in itself.




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30 03 2009

Have you seen the movie they made for Dungeon Siege? How would you rate that one? I wasn’t a huge fan of it.

8 04 2016

Who needs kids anyway? I’m pretty sure they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Having them doesn’t make your life better than those who don’t…it’s Click

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