Ask A Ninja: “MySpace Will Censor You”

3 02 2007

The Guys at Ask A Ninja talk about net neutrality and how its affecting how they make a living.

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The iPhone

17 01 2007

I have a lot to say about the iPhone, but I have yet to get all the information about it. However, Soon (probably today after classes), I’ll definitely address all the issues.

Laptops with Sideshow

8 01 2007

So far at CES, a few laptops have been announced with support for Vista’s Sideshow, a “widgetized” interface that is used while the machine is powered down. The Asus W5fe and the LGE-Z1 by LG. Sideshow while a cool and interesting concept of widgets, as far as I know doesn’t have major developer backing just yet, or maybe thats just cause only 2 laptops in the world have the technology to do so.

CES 2007 coverage courtesy of Engadget.

Roller in paris

6 12 2006
Dailymotion blogged video
Roller in paris
Video sent by soze_kaiser

The best freeride for the best places in paris.

27 11 2006

Religious Freaks Gone Wild

Sorry to my evangelical fanbase


16 11 2006


Originally uploaded by axb500.

if the title isn’t self explanatory, just a little twist on the Persistence of Time by Dali with everyone’s favorite little music player.

Just a friendly reminder

6 11 2006

Firefox 2.0 has been released, and just a little side note, subscribe to my rss feed. I know I’m by no means the greatest blogger, but it makes me feel better, and its built into the greatest browser on the planet.