Life Sucks

21 10 2006

Life pretty much is the largest waste of time.
Look we’re going to die, we can’t stop entropy (mathematically we can, however it has since never happened). WE shouldn’t exist. Yet we do, and what happens. Dumb stuff.

Nothing in life is worth all the other fills the time voids between. Love, love is a lie, create by those who wanted more. Happiness, happiness is mirage for those who believe love. Love is the cause of all unhappiness.

And I’m unhappy.


The Smell

22 09 2006

I’m in the computer lab, and I smell Chanel. How wonderous the smell of Chanel (any of them)
Chanel is what you would expect the smell of beautiful women to smell like.
So light and soft, such as their skin, pale and soft to the touch.

Bob Saget… my best friend!

19 09 2006

Ok maybe not, but one of my best friends might come to my college. Hooray

Fear its gripping, Sadness is hell, and hell is fear. Therefore sadness is gripping

2 09 2006

Its like the title to an Emo song, you know how they have those super long titles that make no sense. However mine does because it is in fact a piece of mathematical logic. I’ve just added a tag to this post, “How lonely are you”. Although i’ve stated this before, I’m quite lonely, and not matter where I look, no one really wants to be with me. I found one friend I know is going to be awesome, and I have my room mate, but what about those of the fairer sex. Those of such etherealic beauty and magnificent personalities. Am I that bad of a man, as to not gain anyone. It seems to me that so many others can just get a girl and at least have them say “hi” to them. Today I said “hi” to someone I stood in line for 2 hours with and took a picture and she didn’t even acknowledge me.

Maybe no one wishes to be with me. My friends are gone ( or wish to leave), my family couldn’t be any farther away from me in the non-literal sense, and I can’t get anyone to fill those shoes.

Forever lonely
Forever Fearful
Forever Gripped