RSS for “non-techs”

13 07 2006

For the most part, the people who i wanted to understand RSS, and tried to explain it to them, probably still don’t get it. This should be much easier.


The Redesigned Web: Using Web 2.0 (part II)

8 06 2006

This Tutorial is meant to show how Web 2.0 can and will eventually totally integrate with day to day life. RSS and Flickr both are something I use daily (most of the time).

First things First. STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER. Use Firefox or Camino if you’re a Mac OS X user. Just download it from or Now both Firefox and Camino support extensions and plugins with provide greater functionality through small software additions, without getting a separate piece of software. So for this tutorial we are going to use Sage, a very lightweight but extremely powerful piece of software. Now what Sage is going to do for us is pull the xml to a blog we subscribed to. Oh by the way the screenshots of mine are with a different theme for Firefox. Well how do we subscribe to an RSS feed to a blog? Well lets assume we are on a blog such as this one. First open Sage (the keyboard shortcut is ALT+S for Firefox), and then click the Second Large Icon to the left of the sidebar. Before that, I like to remove the third lower pane, that displays all the articles and simply use the rendered feed through Sage (this is found under options under show feed item list) . So when you are on a blog simply click the magnifying glass and a screen will come up showing all the available feed. Then simple click the feed and hit add. Now if you click the feed it will show you a special screen with all the articles on that feed. This is called a style and if you go to the Sage developer’s website you can download many of these different styles depending on your preference and use them.

So go ahead add some more feeds, organize them by folders, listen to podcasts, Web 2.0 is out to serve you. (look for the Flickr article… coming soon.)

look foward to the First How to

30 05 2006

I’m writing a how to on RSS and Flickr in conjuction with the Web 2.0 articles i’ve been writing, to further explain what can be done with Web 2.0 Currently. I might include something with Google Calendar, but seeing as how i don’t really use it at all….