Mid Day Sun

14 07 2006

Mid Day Sun

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Nice Lighting, great use of hdr


Red pears, apples, new potatoes

1 07 2006

Red pears, apples, new potatoes

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Today’s Post (Barely…)


23 06 2006


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Tasty rasberries of tastiness

Red rose

17 06 2006

Red rose / Rosa roja

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11 06 2006

Berry Good


9 06 2006

dudes (and dudettes), I’m sick. No its not the World Cup (though I think its going to be Brazil and Germany for the finals again, maybe Columbia but thats because my peeps be from there), I got dehydrated after having WAY to much caffeine. You know what sucks about wordpress, I can’t moblog (mobile Blog) so you won’t get a live coverage of my College Orientation Unless i can get either a Lappy (won’t happen unless merom comes out tomorrow) or Minimo supports AJAX. Well until then peace and I’ll put all the other crap (Flickr photo and some other stuff) up later.

Magnolia in color

7 06 2006

Magnolia in color

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