Longhorn != Vista?

4 04 2008

So as many of you may know, Microsoft announced yesterday, that they will continue the production to XP until 1 year after the general release of Windows 7.  In addition, Bill Gates announced to shareholders that Windows 7 will be released next year.  If you do your math, that means that the time between the release of Vista and the yet unnamed Windows 7.  How can they possibly produce a quality OS in such a short period of time.    Microsoft spent over 5 years with many delays to produce a an OS that many consider trash.  This has led myself and  some of my friends to develop a theory that Vista was never a planned OS.  The following is probably completely bogus but I would love to here what others thing about this.

What if Vista isn’t Longhorn?  We have heard many people compare Vista to ME.  What was ME?  ME was a place holder for Microsoft.  They needed more time to develop the greatest OS they have ever made, Windows XP.  So what if Vista is just that.  Could Microsoft have been half way through the development of Longhorn and realized that they needed more time.  As a result decided, hey we needed an OS that will be ready for release soon for our investors.    Most Vista users will agree that Vista seems like a rushed OS.  Microsoft cut out many of the planned features of longhorn.  Things like WinFS that we all wanted to see got stripped.  What I am hypothesizing is that Microsoft started to develop Vista after longhorn.  They took the NT kernal, the best of XP, and what they had complete of longhorn and called it Vista.  Meanwhile another team continued to develop Windows 7.

Now we have developed a lot of crazy ways to support our conspiracy, but I don’t want to type that all out now.  Maybe I will add that later.  But lets take a look at what this would mean if this is fact not fiction.   XP was released in 2001 and I am theorizing a 2009 Windows 7 release.  That would be an 8 year development  for Windows 7.  With a dev time that is that long it should be the best OS Microsoft has ever released.  Yes and that includeds the Holy Grail that is XP.

So my question for all you that are reading this conspriracy theory is:  What do you all think?  Do you have anything to add that may be of intrest.  I am sure I have a lot of bad thinking here, but take this entry as food for thought.


Sorry guys

19 12 2007

I’d like to take this time to apologize. I haven’t been very diligent or responsible for my posting or promises. I do have legitimate reasons however, it isn’t going to change anything. I’d like to take this time and tell everyone (all 3 of you), that my posting will be more diligent and of the highest quality. This coming year looks to be the golden year of technology, the web, and connectivity, & I look forward to telling you about it and my opinions on it. Thanks!

Today is the best day. EVER!

2 04 2007

Today EMI, the largest record company, announced that all of it’s music will be sold DRM free on the iTunes Music Store.On top of that, they are raising the bitrate for all tracks sold. This is simply a boon for digital music everywhere, as Warner, Sony, & Universal will follow suit, they just have too to keep up. And before that indie labels such as Tooth & Nail, A&M, Fueled by Ramen, will follow suit.

read the engadget blog post here

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[update: I have since found out Tooth and Nail is a subsidiary of EMI]

CES 2007

8 01 2007

I’ll be blogging what I think is the really important and things that i find that are awesome during CES 2007. So look foward to that. And I’ll be blogging Macworld ’07 also. Yeah I’m going to be busy.


7 10 2006

Always have backups of your pictures. Those are memories you can’t get back. I lost some very good pictures of people I care a lot about, and now they are gone and left me. Like a dream I once had.

Just keep backups.
And Backups of Backups.

Forgotten Blog

4 10 2006

No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I’ve just been busy. In fact I’m writing this post on break from writing a critique. Lots of great things have been going on. I’ve made some friends here at university and already have stories I’m not going to forget (Waffle House+Drunk People= Funny and Scary). Parisian Internet Radio is infinitely better than US internet radio, mostly because it has more variety.

I have a fascination with London and Paris, mostly because I’ve been to both, and throughly enjoyed myself (well not so much Paris but thats because I didn’t see only the greatest museum of all time). I love Daft Punk a French House styled band. Lord Byron is my favorite poet, and as I love computers Ada Lovelace is my hero, in a non-hero sort of way.

Core 2 Duo and the Sexiest Laptop of All Time.

11 08 2006

Engadget is reporting that Commerical Times has information from Asus & Quanta (manufacturers of the MacBook and MacBook Pro respectively) are begining to ship Core 2 duo based machines out to Apple. Is it possible to make sexy even better. Yes it is, Yes it is.

[via engadget]