An Open Letter to Vaynerchuk

25 01 2008

Open Letter to Gary Vaynerchuk.

Hi GV. I’ve been watching your show for sometime now, and while I can’t say I’ve been with you from the beginning I have gone back and watched most of your shows. I’m not 21, and I haven’t had much if any wine. But I’m doing what you did, I’m trying significant flavor profiles week by week and am building my palette. Its something I never would’ve thought to do. You made me think of it.

And its not just me, You’re making everyone think about there wine. How we drink, why we drink, drinking what we like, not listening to others. Its not us thats coming up with these ideas, it was you. You are more than just a wine taster and critic. You’re a teacher. You’ve been teaching to try new things, to get out of the box. And as you you’ve said this is changing to wine world. A wine world that has predominately been held in oligopoly those Sir Gary Vaynerchuks of the wine world.. But you’re breaking those barriers, and claiming that oneself it the only authority to your own palette.

You say at the end of every episode,”You with a little bit of me, We’re changing the wine world”. While this may be true, can you believe before saying, “You with a little bit of me, WE’VE CHANGED THE WINE WORLD”. In the next seven days I don’t think you can.

Gary Vaynerchuk. You’ve done a lot for us. Informed us, Taught and Entertained Us. You can’t leave now. You can’t leave for a long time. You’re revolutionary, and one day it’ll be know. Gary Vee and the Vayniacs, changed the wine world.


The engadget podcast is dead

3 09 2007

I have some seriously sad news. As most of the readers of engadget know by now, the podcast is dead. It was the premier tech/gadget podcast and was produced by some of the best writers and most knowledgeable people in the business, Ryan Block & Peter Rojas. And while there are many, many good tech podcasts such as TWiT, Diggnation, Cranky Geeks, and Webb Alert, none will compare to the quality and knowledge of the Engadget Guys.

Long Live the Engadget Podcast

New Content , New stuff

3 08 2007

Sorry for any subscribers to the RSS that I haven’t updated in a while, a lot of exciting stuff has been happening and this blog had to go on the back burner. I won’t be trying to play catch up with any of the news before this weeks stuff. Anyways to the news.

Morgan Webb of G4’s X-Play has started a new Rocketboom type video site, but its actually relevant. Well produced its a great way to get daily tech news quick, right before work or class.

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Today is the best day. EVER!

2 04 2007

Today EMI, the largest record company, announced that all of it’s music will be sold DRM free on the iTunes Music Store.On top of that, they are raising the bitrate for all tracks sold. This is simply a boon for digital music everywhere, as Warner, Sony, & Universal will follow suit, they just have too to keep up. And before that indie labels such as Tooth & Nail, A&M, Fueled by Ramen, will follow suit.

read the engadget blog post here

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[update: I have since found out Tooth and Nail is a subsidiary of EMI]


7 10 2006

Always have backups of your pictures. Those are memories you can’t get back. I lost some very good pictures of people I care a lot about, and now they are gone and left me. Like a dream I once had.

Just keep backups.
And Backups of Backups.

Forgotten Blog

4 10 2006

No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I’ve just been busy. In fact I’m writing this post on break from writing a critique. Lots of great things have been going on. I’ve made some friends here at university and already have stories I’m not going to forget (Waffle House+Drunk People= Funny and Scary). Parisian Internet Radio is infinitely better than US internet radio, mostly because it has more variety.

I have a fascination with London and Paris, mostly because I’ve been to both, and throughly enjoyed myself (well not so much Paris but thats because I didn’t see only the greatest museum of all time). I love Daft Punk a French House styled band. Lord Byron is my favorite poet, and as I love computers Ada Lovelace is my hero, in a non-hero sort of way.


22 08 2006

Me and someone, who I had not seen it quite sometimes (but had wanted to, never had the courage), had a conversation, where we had discussed how life was so far at college. I topic of loneliness had come up. She had asked why I was lonely, to which I simply replied “I don’t really know. I just feel lonely”. I lied, I know exactly why. Not my parents or my belonglings.But I miss seeing my friends every day. The people who had given me comfort. I enjoyed laughing with my friends (including this one,even though she is new to my friends, she is no less). Most of all, I miss this feeling of connection. Some sort of mysterious and mystical feeling of having someone by your side and watching your back. That feels good for me. But I don’t have that. None of my friends are always going to be with. Mostly because they are doing other things, but also, I think they want to move on. They either never really wanted to be my friend or are rather bored of me (can’t blame them but still). Gather from this what you will, but when it really comes down to it, I miss having a companion.