iPhone post

24 07 2008

This is my first post from my iPhone. Awesome


The engadget podcast is dead

3 09 2007

I have some seriously sad news. As most of the readers of engadget know by now, the podcast is dead. It was the premier tech/gadget podcast and was produced by some of the best writers and most knowledgeable people in the business, Ryan Block & Peter Rojas. And while there are many, many good tech podcasts such as TWiT, Diggnation, Cranky Geeks, and Webb Alert, none will compare to the quality and knowledge of the Engadget Guys.

Long Live the Engadget Podcast

The iPhone “Continued”……..

28 01 2007

So Apple you released the iPhone. You created probably what is arguably one of the greatest, most powerful, innovative, and sexy devices of all time. Destined to either to become an instant icon or another Apple Newton. A user interface second to none with great fluid graphics and animations. Simple and powerful, like OS X. Yet Apple did something that Apple isn’t used to doing. Creating a great product that developers can’t use.

Mac OS X, is a great operating system. This is partly due to its extensive Unix backend, powerful Core API’s, & Cocoa Interface. These API’s allow developers to create programs that integrate well with the operating system. Programs such as Camino, Adium, and a whole mess of other open source and commerical software and integrates with iTunes or Spotlight. This is what makes OS X a great operating system, the amazing pieces of software that allow tight integration with the os, as if they were first part programs. Yet for this round, Apple has crippled their developer model, not allowing third programs, “for quality assurance reasons”, which is ridculous. Essentially Apple is going to extend its iPod model, selling you everything, in an attempt to “streamline” the experience. However the iPhone is different than an iPod, and while they share similar features the iPhone has distinct differences that makes it well, different.

So in an attempt to actually finish this post, I’m going to make a list of a few things that the iPhone should do, and why I don’t think the First Gen iPhone won’t do it, and may never do.

1) Customizable Ringtones: Apple if you think you can extort 99 cents for every ringtone you sell on the iTunes Store… you probably can. However that doesn’t make it right. They should take a cue from there great ability to make wallpapers, just search you’re library and apply. If you want to compete with Windows Mobile 5.0, Palm, & RIM, allow contact specific ringtones and global ringtones. Its ridiculous that Apple a company that has mastered the integration of common databases won’t allow us, the users , this simple feature. Seriously its probably like 15 minutes of development using you’re core api’s and cocoa.

2) HSDPA….. Oh wait it doesn’t have it: Give us faster internet access to use that super slick browser you give us.

3) Third party Applications: Okay so maybe this makes sense, you don’t want the phones to crash, understandable, but allow us the ability to install widgets, something that would allow us to use that great internet access. Oh and no one who uses Mac OS X wants to use iChat for the iPhone at least allow Adium to make some software.

4)Give us more…: What I mean by this, is that for the iPhone to really compete it needs a few more things. It needs some sort of Note taking application, maybe a stripped down Pages, maybe a Keynote viewer, something to gain the business mind.

5) We want real Widescreen: There isn’t any reason Apple would do this…

All in All, the iPhone while better than every other phone, still isn’t a good phone by Apple’s standard, missing clear integration with user’s media and lacks as a true platform to make better. I’m holding off, in hope of either hacks to make it better or for my favorite company to make some serious improvements.

Forgotten Blog

4 10 2006

No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I’ve just been busy. In fact I’m writing this post on break from writing a critique. Lots of great things have been going on. I’ve made some friends here at university and already have stories I’m not going to forget (Waffle House+Drunk People= Funny and Scary). Parisian Internet Radio is infinitely better than US internet radio, mostly because it has more variety.

I have a fascination with London and Paris, mostly because I’ve been to both, and throughly enjoyed myself (well not so much Paris but thats because I didn’t see only the greatest museum of all time). I love Daft Punk a French House styled band. Lord Byron is my favorite poet, and as I love computers Ada Lovelace is my hero, in a non-hero sort of way.

The Integration Problem and a call to the Open Source Community.

15 08 2006

I’d like to preface this by saying I’m not a developer. I don’t claim to be one, and as much as I understand development and how its done and should be done, I can’t do it. I can code python and thats about it. I’m just not a true developer of sorts. However let me also preface this by saying, I know software. I know good software, bad software and just about everything in between.

Now, Apple did something many Mac users take for granted in OS X and thats the development of the Core API’s. With Core Data we have this amazing systemwide tool called Spotlight and the ablility to share content from one program to another (the iLife Browser). With Core Video we can get amazing video preformance and effects from iChat and iMovie, the same with Core Image. And now with Core Animation, applications and bring a whole new level of just usablity and interaction possibly (if developers have really good architects) totally new ways to interact with a desktop or possibly even get rid of the WIMP paradigm, and have a more Star Trekkian interface. Now with all this when will we see Photoshop plugin into Core Data so that its Scripting feature can search for the 10 viewed photo can apply a filter. When will see Firefox take advantage of Core Animation (or as it where Camino). Probably never. But how long until Safari uses it. It most likely already does. So many Compelling Third Party applications exist but how many are really taking advantage of things like Core Video. I can’t think of any. But so many things can be done with Core Video.Improve an interface like Sony Vegas and use Core Video and integrate that with Core Data and iLife so you can import iMovies, that would blow the pants off iMovie and create real competition.

I guess the real issue is that with so many great APIs and ease of use we don’t see so many great Open Source Apps specifically for the Mac platform that take advantage of Core Data/Image/Video. And now with animation it should only be a matter of time until some generates a scripting language that allows really easy renderings of things like the “City of Music” commercial or of the albums that get sucked into iPods or PC’s or maybe a video of a PC spinning with the music rushing inwards, but it shouldn’t be long. Unfortunately it probably won’t every be done because for some reason the open source community won’t develop great products for the Closed source community. A Native version of aMarok that integrates into Spotlight and iLife would be awesome. However it won’t ever be done.

PS: I will say this. Camino does an excellent job of integration. They are a model software creator.

Mac Pros, Core Animation, and no Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro’s and everything else from WWDC

7 08 2006

So no surprise on the Mac Pros, other than the price (which is actually really good) and the xserve. Now Leopard was good, but still no Updated Finder or a Desktop Widget layer. However Time Machine and my favorite Core Animation was amazing. Core animation is so amazing and I can only imagine its uses for film and video, not to mention some very interesting ways to view them also. And supposedly there are a ton of new Features that are being held close to Apple proverbial chest.

But the big downer is they didn’t update the MacBook Pro, something I not only wanted but really needed also. Apple update the bios and add a new CPU, it isn’t that difficult. Plus Leopard is going to be the first 64 bit version of Mac OS X that runs on the x86 platform. So buying any Mac other than the Mac Pro (damn that name sucks doesn’t it) is a waste since in 6 months it won’t take advantage of Leopard’s 64bit underpinnings.

Last Post before WWDC

7 08 2006

I’m justing gearing up for WWDC (no I’m not going to be there).

The things I’m almost positive I’ll see:
1) New Finder
2) A new Dashboard Layer
3) Improved Spotlight
4) 64 bit Intel Support
5) Mac Pros and Xserve
Things I hope to see:
1) New MacBook Pro
2) BlackBook Pro
3) New Display’s with iSight Cameras
4) Leopard will be out before September 15, 2006